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For kid health and development!

Virtual karate and Monthly News

1.Belt test
Sept 26th (Sat) & Oct 24th(Sat)

2.Virtual Karate

Karate online started from April for kids' health and mental education. We use Zoom meeting, flipping instruction video. So your kids can learn the accurate karate instruction like regular classes. 
Stay safe and healthy with us! Check our online program here!
karate online
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Samurai karate for kids is based on Japanese martial arts in Torrance, South Bay & Los Angeles for 18 years. Your child will build up a strong body as well as a flexible mind through the Karate training, kata and sparring. samurai karate for kids

Preschool (3-5yrs)

Kids learn social skills through basic karate movements and discipline. They will learn "rules and thank you!"

Kinder & school Karate (6-9 yrs)

Karate techniques and forms called Kata will be taught. Also kids learn respect, focus and independence. Belt test and sparring starts.

Young kids Karate (10-15 yrs)

Advanced karate techniques and Kata will be taught. Advanced belt test and sparring starts.

Private lesson

Your child will learn specific skills leading up to advanced techniques such as basic techniques, kata and sparring.

karate online New!

karate online

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Single view from Sensei, We control actual and mirror image for teaching kid.

We teach karate online with single and multiple view. Michi Sensei flips image with right-hand-band and instructs accurate karate techniques to your kids. Our program is built up from the beginner to advanced kids. So take a class for even kids' fitness!

(30min class/Program 1-4 OR 45 min. class /Program1-6)

  1. cardio warm up 
  2. basic techniques
  3. kids muscle training with trump cards
  4. combination drill and Kata(karate form)

  5. Advanced moves
  6. advanced Kata from basic kata


Annual registration for all age class/$35

●4 time s a month

  1. 45 min.(3-5yrs old)/ monthly $60 / in person class 55 min. $80
  2. 55 min.(over 6 yrs old)/ monthly $80

8 time s a month

  1. 45 min.(3-5yrs old)/ monthly $100 / in person class 55 min. $120
  2. 55 min.(over 6 yrs old)/ monthly $120

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Time Age Program
5:30-6:45pm 3-5 yrs old Basic
6:30-7:45pm 6-10 yrs old Basic and intermediate

5:30-6:45pm 3-5yrs old Basic and intermediate
6:30-7:15pm 6-10 yrs old Basic and intermediate
5:00-5:45pm 3-5 yrs old Basic and intermediate
6:00-6:45pm 6-10yrs old Intermediate
7:00-7:45pm 11-16 yrs old Advanced
9:30-10:15am 3-5 yrs old Basic and intermediate
10:30-11:45am 6-12 yrs old Basic,intermediate and intermediate

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Samurai Karate Studio Samurai Karate for kids
Meditation Sparring

Samurai Karate Studio Samurai Karate Studio
Karate Form (Kata) Basic Training

Samurai Karate Studio Samurai Karate Studio
National Competition got trophies & medals

Samurai Karate Studio Samurai Karate Studio
Gym Tricks Class Trampoline Work

  • Monthly news

    Karate Online class available!
    Join us for physical & mental education! Schedule and tuition is here.NEW
    Close studio
    until further notice due to COVID-19.


  • Torrance:(Inside South End No membership needed)
    2800 Skypark Dr. Torrance, CA 90505

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Michi Yamato

Main Sensei, Michi Yamato joined Ohno sword & martial arts group(Original Power Ranger martial arts & stunt group) at 16 yrs old and became a master in Japan. He action-choreographed over 100 episodes in Japan & Hollywood.


Yuuki Yamagiwa

Yuuki Yamagiwa's first encounter with martial arts and stage combat was in 2002. From a young age, Yuuki competed in national martial arts competitions and became Samurai Karate Studio's first Grand Champion in the Traditional Kata category at the California Karate Nationals in 2011. In addition to her martial arts background, Yuuki's interest in stage combat and performing arts led her towards an extensive study and performance career in sword and hand-to-hand stage combat and choreography. She has been teaching since 2007 and is proud and honored to teach at Samurai Karate Studio.

yuuki yamagiwa

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